As a leader in drug safety and compliance we provide drug confirmatory testing and screening.

Why Monitor Pain Medication Therapy?

Five key trends are occurring in the U.S. that propel effective pain medication management to the forefront of healthcare concerns.

  1. Delivery of chronic pain management is fragmented with traditional non-pain management specialties such as internal medicine and gynecology becoming a first line in pain management.
  2. Chronic pain is a pandemic in the U.S. and is expected to increase due to the aging population.
  3. The technological advancements of LC/MS/MS with nearly 100% sensitivity and specificity render pain medication monitoring a necessary and valuable tool in your pain management practices arsenal.
  4. Studies report a high rate of non-adherence to pain medication regimens which is linked to poor pain control and higher overall healthcare costs.
  5. The need for urine drug screens in chronic opioid therapy (COT) is recognized and recommended by the American Pain Society and American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Why Capstone Diagnostics?

Our Offering:

  • Customized collection and pick-up services
  • An extensive drug testing menu
  • Customizable drug testing panels
  • Point of Care (POC) screening devices
  • In-house performed qualitative immunoassay testing
  • In-house performed quantitative confirmations with highly accurate LC/MS/MS technology
  • Private consultation with our toxicology experts available 7 days a week
  • Timely, easy to read reports
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Direct billing of patient insurance

Accurate Results with Quantification

Capstone Diagnostics utilizes LC/MS/MS, the “Platinum Standard” for analytical quantitation. This technology filters analytes of interest from interfering substances which prevents false negatives and false positives. As a significant improvement over the existing MS methodology, LC/MS/MS provides rapid, unequivocal and quantitated tests of targeted drugs at trace levels in a complex matrix.

Every test sample undergoes three levels of review, this means you can trust that Capstone Diagnostics’ results when making pain management decisions for your patients.

Industry-Leading Quality Control Measures

In addition to utilizing the most advanced technology for qualitative screening and quantitative confirmation, our quality control measures ensure that each result undergoes three layers of review. You can rely on a higher standard of precision for your results with Capstone Diagnostics than with other leading laboratories.

Expert Consultation

Interpreting urine drug testing results can be a complex activity that dramatically impacts clinical outcomes. Our industry-leading staff toxicologists are available to assist you with interpreting and integrating results into your therapy regimen. This expert consultation supports you in delivering a higher level of care through improved pain management outcomes.

Rapid Results

We offer a 24-48 hour turn-around time which is quicker than other leading laboratories.

Extensive Customized Panels

We provide a more extensive customizable offering of urine drug testing panels than most leading laboratories. By individually tailoring your monitoring protocols, we assist you in meeting the unique needs of your pain medication patients and your practice.