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As a leader in drug safety and compliance we provide drug confirmatory testing and screening.

  • 23018-CAP-Requisition_OL_040115

    Pre-printed Test Requisition

  • POC Specimen Cup

    POC Specimen Cup (Fee will apply)

  • Standard Specimen Cup

    Standard Specimen Cup

  • Biohazard Shipping Bag

    Biohazard Shipping Bag with pouch

  • UPS Shipping Box

    UPS Shipping Box

  • UPS Shippers Labels

    UPS Shippers Labels

  • Laboratory Paks

    Laboratory Paks

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The below supplies are available to order from Capstone Diagnostics. Items will be shipped according to established minimums below.

Pre-printed Test Requisition: 1 pack =50 Test Requisitions. Ships only in full pack Minimum 1 pack
POC Specimen Cup: 1 pack minimum=25 cups. Fee will apply. Minimum 1 pack
Standard Specimen Cup w/Temp Strip: 1 pack=50 cups. Minimum 1 pack
Biohazard shipping bag with pouch: 1 pack minimum=50 bags. Ships only in full pack Minimum 1 pack
UPS Shipping Box: 1 pack contain 20 boxes. Maximum 1 pack
UPS Shipper Labels: 1 pack contains 20 preprinted labels. Maximum 1 pack.
Laboratory Pak: 1 pack contains 20 paks. Maximum 1 pack.
* indicates = mandatory fields