About Us

As a leader in drug safety and compliance we provide drug confirmatory testing and screening.

Who We Are

The decisions you make every day are vital to the health of your patients and your practice. Capstone Diagnostics is an independent, state of the art, laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide full service urine drug testing utilizing improved and expanding technologies in toxicology science. Our mission is to partner with healthcare providers to optimize pain management outcomes through drug safety and medication regimen compliance programs.

Why Capstone Diagnostics?

YOUR PATIENTS: Satisfied patients are the lifeblood of your practice. Capstone Diagnostics understands the role of drug safety and compliance in meeting your patient’s desire to achieve safe and effective pain relief. Chronic pain patients have unique concerns. Many feel stigmatized; frustrated and isolated. Due to worries about abusing, misusing or becoming addicted to prescription pain medications, they may even become non-adherent to their prescription pain treatment plan. As a clinician you strive to balance a fruitful therapeutic relationship against the need to surveil for aberrant drug use.

YOUR PRACTICE: Clinical, financial, legal, and regulatory. Capstone Diagnostics understands the multi-faceted challenges encountered when managing a successful practice. Through our leadership in drug safety and compliance, Capstone Diagnostics supports your efforts to deliver safe and effective pain management. When faced with a patient who has not achieved adequate pain relief or who may be misusing, abusing or diverting their prescription pain medication, it is important that you have a partner who understands the scope of your practice needs.

YOUR PARTNER: As your partner, Capstone Diagnostics offers an array of services designed to uniquely meet the needs of your practice and your patients. As your partner, we recognize your need to manage a busy practice in the face of an ever changing healthcare environment AND deliver safe, compliant and effective pain management control to your patients. We also appreciate the unique needs of the patient receiving prescription pain management therapy.

What We Offer

  • Customized collection and pick-up services
  • An extensive, drug testing menu
  • Customizable drug testing options
  • Point of Care (POC) screening options
  • In-house Immunoassay qualitative results
  • In-house performed quantitative confirmations with highly accurate LC/MC/MS technology
  • Private consultation with our toxicology experts available 7 days a week
  • Simple, easy-to-read and timely reports
  • Multiple reporting choices
  • Direct billing of patient insurance

Accurate Results with Quantification

Capstone Diagnostics utilizes Liquid Chromatography (LC) paired with Mass Spectrometry (MS) for high performance testing. LC/MS/MS is considered the “Platinum Standard” for analytical quantitation. It provides a rapid, unequivocal, and quantitated testing methodology of targeted drugs at trace levels in a complex matrix.

LC/MS/MS delivers accurate and consistent results by selectively filtering out analytes of interest from interfering substances. This filtering mitigates the interference or cross-reactivity which can lead to false-positives or false-negatives sometimes observed with immunoassay testing.

This technology ensures accurate results reporting and enables you to confidently and safely make any necessary revisions to your patient’s pain medication treatment plan.

Industry-Leading Quality Control Measures

In addition to utilizing the most advanced technology for qualitative screening and quantitative confirmation, our quality control measures ensure that each result undergoes three layers of review. You can rely on a higher standard of precision for your results with Capstone Diagnostics than with other leading laboratories.

Expert Consultation

Successful therapy selection and monitoring incorporates urine drug testing and clinical assessment. Interpreting urine drug testing results can be a complex activity that dramatically impacts clinical outcomes. Our industry-leading staff toxicologists are available to assist you with interpreting and integrating results into your therapy regimen. This expert consultation supports you in delivering a higher level of care through improved pain management outcomes.

Rapid Results

Results reporting in 24-48 hours ensures that you are able to confirm or alter your patient’s care plan as quickly as possible without the inconvenience and drain on your staff’s time and resources spent following up on the status of test results.

Extensive Customized Panels

Extensive Customized Panels allows you to individualize the manner in which you incorporate urine drug testing into your pain medication monitoring protocol. This customization reduces time and wasted resources spent attempting to integrate results of panels not optimized for your patients or your practice.